Baluda Dreadnought

The Baluda Dreadnought was a design initially conceived during the Dilgar War.  A single ship was produced during that conflict, but saw little front-line service.  It was later upgraded with improved weaponry, including the experimental Heavy Combat Laser and the only ship-mounted Shield Projector in the Abbai inventory. 




Tahkot Advanced Gunship

Im-Rehsa Technologies developed this variant of the Tashkat to act as a heavy gunship.  The Tashkava was never constructed in large numbers in the 2250’s due to the high maintenance costs of the graviton lance, but sales of the weapon to the Ak-Habil Corperation made the production of of the Tahkot possible. Though produced in larger numbers than the Tashkava, these ships remained uncommon in Brakiri service (note these ships also fall under the 33% limited deployment restriction as well).  The Tahkot offers staggering firepower, but is relatively weak defensively, requiring other ships and/or fighters to provide protection.




Tribune Torpedo Cruiser

This rare Centurion Variant is armed exclusively with Ballistic Torpedoes.  The power demands of these weapons frequently required a pair of twin arrays to be shut down to keep all the ballistic torpedoes online, leaving the ship lightly defended.  Often compared to the Narn Dag’kar, the design never gained much favor with the Centauri leadership. 

Vorchas Warship

The Vorchas was produced as a testbed for the new heavy array.  Replacing the plasma accelerator of the standard Vorchan, the heavy array offered good offensive and defensive firepower, at the cost of a heavy single-shot punch.  Production ceased with the introduction of the Demos, and the few Vorchas hulls remained rare in Centauri service.

Vorchath Warship

The Vorchath shares much of the history of the Mograth Frigate.  Both equipped with a Plasma Stream as its primary weapon, the Vorchath differed in having no secondary offensive weapons. The purpose of these ships is somewhat debatable. They have been observed operation with Mograth squadrons, providing a jump drive on a hull with similar weapons, and with standard Vorchans, providing a complimentary weapon to the Plasma Accelerator. 

Primus Rex War Cruiser

The standard Primus war cruiser, equipped with a Mass Driver for planetary bombardment.




Mishakur-Q Bolt Dreadnought

An uncommon version of the Mishakur optimized for standoff fire support of a fleet.  Frequently paired with Tratharti Gunships in a Pentacan to support other Dilgar ships from long range. Power shortage typically requires the shutdown of at least one Scatter Pulsar, creating potential blind spots in the ship’s anti-fighter defenses.

Tratharti-L Laser Gunship

Armed almost exclusively with Medium Lasers, the uncommon Tratharti-L offers staggering medium and short-range firepower.  Like the EA Nova-A, it is very vulnerable to fighter and missile attacks.  Also, the excessive number of weapons intensifies the power shortage issues shared with the standard Tratharti. In the case of the L-model, shutting down the Mass Driver barely covers the excess power demands of the lasers.

Tratharti-T Testbed Gunship

The unique Tratharti-T was fielded to evaluate long-ranged weapons stolen from the Alacans and Balosians early in the Dilgar War.  Tests with these weapons proved quite promising, but plans to produce these weapons in quantity could not be carried out prior to the conquest of Omelos.  The ship remained behind the front lines at Alaca serving as a garrison ship and did not see frontline combat until late in the war.  It was destroyed by the Cascor in the liberation of Balos.

Tratharti-Z Mine Gunship

Discovered in a Dilgar shipyard after the war, the incomplete Tratharti-Z demonstrated the ultimate Dilgar plans for the Pulsed Energy Mine.  The incomplete hull boasted eight mounts for the new Dilgar weapon.  Based on recovered documentation, the Dilgar planned to put this ship in production alongside the standard Tratharti.  However, it is unclear when this variant may have appeared.


Designers Note: This is a more conservative version of a very similar ship that first appeared in Babcom Issue 12.  This ship uses the same Pulsed Energy Mine (Dilgar Pulsar Mine) introduced in the issue, but still makes the same rolls as the Narn E-mine for each shot (each shot has the same odds to scatter or fizzle). 

Targath-P Pulsar Cruiser

The uncommon Targath-P, armed exclusively with Pulsar weaponry, proved devastating to enemy fighters and ships alike.  Never produced in the numbers of the standard Targath, it was still revered by many commanders as a superior warship.

Targath-T Testbed Cruiser

A single Targath cruiser was built in 2231 with captured examples of weapons used by the Drazi.  While powerful, the Dilgar found this ship very difficult to maintain.  The Targath-T had a relatively short career.  Destroyed in only its second battle, it drew the wrath of the Drazi, who were infuriated by the use of their technology by the hated Dilgar. 

Targath-V Vigilance Cruiser

The Targath-V Vigilance Cruisers were produced to provide garrison ships at systems left behind by advancing Dilgar forces.  Seen frequently in Hyach and Brakiri space, the ship sacrificed half of its fighter group in exchange for a pair of bomb racks.  These were often used in harassing attacks or to suppress small-scale planetary uprisings.  Totally absent from frontline forces during the early Dilgar offensives, the Targath-Vs were only encountered as the Liberation Navy began to retake league territory.

Ochlavita-F Fast Destroyer

These swift ships were designed to support Pentacans of Jashakar frigates in hit-and-run attacks.  While the Ochlavita-Fs could accelerate with the smaller frigates, it proved incapable of maneuvering with them in a melee.  The firepower given up when compared to the standard Ochlavita made them extremely unpopular and they remained rare in Dilgar service. 

Ochlavita-L Laser Destroyer

Serving alongside standard Ochlavitas in the Dilgar advance, the uncommon Ochlavita-L proved its value repeatedly in battles with League forces.  Relatively poor armament to rear made this variant dependant on other ships for protection following a battle pass.

Ochlavita-T Testbed Destroyer

The Dilgar modified a single Ochlavita to evaluate captured Brakiri weaponry.  The ship proved moderately successful, but the Dilgar never successfully replicated the gravitic weapons in sufficient quantity to support regular production.  In battle, the arrangement of the Gravitic Bolts proved quite advantageous – the rear weapons were shut down to provide extra power for the forward Bolts, then as the ship withdrew the forward guns were shutdown to provide extra power to the rear mounts. The ship had a surprisingly successful combat career.

Ochlavita-Z Light Mine Gunship

This ship was discovered following the defeat of the Dilgar in 2232.  It appears to have been a testbed ship for the Pulsed Energy Mine.  The ship was found with only a single mount installed (the others were vacant).  Apparently, the ship was being used to conduct initial trials on the new Dilgar weapon.  Attempts by EA engineers to conduct firing trials with this weapon all resulted in failures, suggesting the Pulsed Energy Mine was still in the developmental stage and unready for fleet service.  Had tests ultimately proved successful, a few of these Ochlavita variants may have been produced, but priority would likely have been placed on the larger Tratharti-Z (see above).

Roskatur-I Improved Base

The Dilgar produced this improved variant of the Roskatur to accommodate the larger Thorun Dartfighters.  Stingfighter and LCV facilities were deleted to make room for the Thorun bays, and an improved weapons fit was provided.




Preybird Cruiser

Like the Preyhawk, the Preybird was a rare Drazi variant armed with Dilgar weaponry.  In this case, a Warbird variant carried an armament dominated by four medium lasers.  A pair of scatter pulsars and a point pulsar rounded out the weapon suite. 




Warlock-Gamma Command Destroyer

The Earth Alliance completed a very small number (perhaps no more than 2 or 3) of these command versions of the Warlock Destroyer.  Nicknamed the "Grimlock" by their crews, the Warlock-Gamma was among the most powerful EA ships ever produced.

Nova-Zeta Rail Dreadnought

A rare version of the Nova Dreadnought armed with Railguns rather than Laser/Pulse Arrays.  It proved less than successful, and only a few were ever built.

Hecate-Epsilon Laser Cruiser

"Militaries of the League 2" mentions the Earth Alliance experimented with the installation of a Hyach Spinal Laser on at least one testbed.  The Hecate is a natural choice for the EA to test experimental weaponry (as in the case of the Hecate-Beta).




Gromahk Dreadnought

"Militaries of the League 2" mentions the Grome planned to include a spinal version of the railgun in their future dreadnought class.  The Gromahk's spinal rail gun is unique, as it is a piercing, standard damage weapon.  Fire control remains poor, but the potential to score a lethal hit on a target's primary with a single shot makes it a fearsome weapon. 




Carrier White Star

Inspired by the Season 5 Episode, Meditations on the Abyss, the uncommon carrier version of the vaunted White Star surrendered its tractor beam in exchange for an expanded hanger supporting a flight Nials.  These specialized White Stars served in both frontline combat and as Ranger training ships.




Ronval Laser Destroyer

This rare version of the Narn Rothan Destroyer produced with some of the first examples of the Imperial Laser.  Twin arrays replaced the Light Plasma Cannons in the stern, but the larger weapon mounts required the removal of all the existing armor. This weapons arrangement would heavily influence the G’Kon Cruisers (see Showdowns 10) produced a few years later.  The Ronval fell out of favor with the introduction of the G’Kon and the design was not continued.  The few existing hulls remained in Narn service, fighting alongside the Rongoths decades later.

Thentor Torpedo Frigate

An uncommon version of the Thentus intended for squadron service.  Fitted with a combination of medium pulse cannons and a pair of ion torpedoes, the Thentor could give good service as part of a squadron, but was a poor performer when operating alone.

T'Kash Attack Frigate

The T’Kash entered service at the same time as the larger and more versatile Ka’Toc, in an effort to get a large number of Mag Guns into Narn service.  Twin arrays replaced the SPBs on this variant of the T’Rakk, improving the ship’s survivability as it closed to firing range.  Unfortunately, the T’Kash proved to be something of a suicide ship.  The threat of the Mag Gun  made it a priority target for early long-range fire by the Centauri, and the T’Kash was simply too small to sustain heavy damage.  When the T’Kash did reach firing range, it rarely survived long enough for a second firing run. 




JYD Converted T'Rakk Frigate

These two recovered derelicts from the Narn-Centauri War were converted by Jonas McMundy and added to his renown raider group, the Junkyard Dogs.  Replacing destroyed heavy plasma arrays with light particle cannons made these ships much less dangerous at close range, but gave them improved capability from the relative safety of medium range.  The addition of fighter rails actually makes these ships far more valuable to the ‘Dogs as carriers than as raiders.   

JYD Converted Mograth Frigate

The Junkyard Dogs converted this single derelict Mograth hull to a powerful raider.  Unable to maintain the high-tech plasma stream or matter cannons, McMundy outfitted the ship with an array of particle weaponry.  The ship was slightly underpowered, requiring some of the defensive guns to be deactivated if all the offensive weapons were armed.

JYD Converted Maximus Frigate

The Junkyard Dogs recovered the wrecked hull of a Maximus Frigate abandoned during the Narn-Centauri War.  Unable to maintain the guardian array, and with little need for a purely defensive ship, the raider group converted the ship into an aggressive gunboat armed with multiple medium pulse cannons. 


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