Captain’s Log 3, published by Task Force Games in 1984, introduced an extra-ordinary Klingon Command Cruiser, the Doomslayer, in a short story, “The First Round.”  The Doomslayer had undergone a number of “factory unauthorized” improvements at the hands of the Masters and was to be used in staged battles for their amusement.  The D7C’s modifications included the removal of the ADD launchers, the addition of two shuttles and two photon torpedoes (one forward, one aft).   The ship was also fitted with a cloaking device (based on the story, but not shown on the original SSD).  The resulting ship was exceptionally powerful.


I decided that extending the modifications given to the Doomslayer to other Klingon ships might be an interesting design exercise.  In general, I duplicated the modifications in each case as much as possible.  I was not able to increase the number of shuttles in every case, and I only added the rear photon on size class 3 ships and larger.  All ships received a cloaking device and this is factored into the BPV.  The only significant departure I made was the upgrade of APRs to AWRs, which I felt made these ships more manageable in terms of energy allocation.  I’ve done my best to determine BPVs, but these ships have, for the most part, not been playtested and the BPVs may not be precisely balanced. 


Given the difficulty in combining cloaking and drone tactics, consider allowing these ships to purchase ATG guidance for their drones as general availability items.  This will allow drones to maintain tracking after the ship cloaks.  An additional BPV surcharge may be needed to maintain balance if you allow this increased drone eligibility.


(R3.D2) C8(P) DREADNOUGHT: Doommaker Class. Beginning with the Doommaker, I mounted TWO forward photons in all size class two ships in the series.  The exceptionally large number of heavy weapons will make this ship much slower in combat, but the amount of firepower it carries commands respect.


(R3.D3) C7(P) HEAVY BATTLECRUISER: Doombringer Class.


(R3.D4) D7(P) BATTLECRUISER: Doomhammer Class.


(R3.D5) D7C(P) COMMAND CRUISER: Doomslayer Class.  This was the original ship, which appeared in CL #3, that inspired this series.  I have updated the SSD to “doomsday” standards, and added the cloaking device and replaced the APRs with AWRs.


(R3.D6) D7A(P) STASIS CRUISER: Doombinder Class.


(R3.D7) D7D(P) DRONE BATTLECRUISER: Doomslinger Class.


(R3.D8) D7W(P) HEAVY COMMAND CRUISER: Doomstalker Class.


(R3.D9) D5W(P) NEW HEAVY CRUISER: Doomdemon Class.


(R3.D10) D5(P) WAR CRUISER: Doomreaper Class.


(R3.D11) D5C(P) LIGHT COMMAND CRUISER: Doomrager Class.


(R3.D12) F5W(P) WAR DESTROYER: Doomkiller Class.


(R3.D13) FWC(P) WAR DESTROYER LEADER: Doomchieftan Class.


(R3.D14) F5(P) FRIGATE: Doomdealer Class.


(R3.D15) F5C(P) DESTROYER: Doomleader Class.


(R3.D16) E4(P) ESCORT: Doomkeeper Class.


(R3.D17) D8(P) CRUISER: Doomcharger Class. This ship is based on the D8 Prototype Cruiser, an unofficial ship of my own design.


(R3.D18) C9(P) DREADNOUGHT: Doomlord Class.